Here we are day 4, of the world championships, rest and recovery day for me. So much about this week and this sport is about how you rest and recover so you can stay fresh for the next race, tomorrow- the teams race which should be a fun and enduring event.

Yesterday was the individual race. Both USA men and women all put in great efforts in their race. The start was delayed 1 hr due to new snow and the course changed considerably- less technical. My impression of the World Championships is that they are far less technical than the Pierra Menta. Here is the course profile: For me, it was not a personal best, but I gave it my best shot for the day. Some days in sports, just as in the daily swing of life, we feel more “on” than others.
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Thanks to fellow team mate Bryan Wickenhauser, who video’d the race yesterday I tried my hand at doing some editing and here are some shots of me in the race yesterday. It is nice to have some video to share with friends, family and others who have no idea about the sport.

For more updates on the World Champs:
Training is a bit like a personal jigsaw puzzle, figuring out how to fit the pieces together- what is your background in sports, strengths, weaknesses, where you live, home, family, work, amount of time you have to train, what is your job like, age, injuries, how to recover- all these factors coming into the puzzle. It sure makes for an an interesting adventure.
With that said, in the big puzzle picture of life, gaining strength from these experiences is all the more empowering. I had a chance to watch Julia and Julia yesterday while recovering and taking my mind off skiing. Kind of funny about blogging too. It was a great example about finding something you are passionate about and living it. So, find your passion and live it.
As a Wild Roses athlete and ambassador, I would like to conclude with a thought:
“A womens life is not about climbing the highest mountain or being the first on top. It is about the passion of doing things for a greater reason. Life can be an adventure, but the greatest adventure is giving life meaning. What are you up to next? are you already working on a dream? Wild Roses – For Women by Women

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