2009 Races

1. 27 December, Holiday Hill Climb, Sugarloaf, USA 1st woman AT

2. 10 January, La Maurienne, Rhone Alps, Team race with Michael

3. 18 January, Valtellina Orobie, Italy, Ind World Cup, 12th

4. 25 January, Pyramid D’Oz, France, Ind. World Cup

5. 30 January, Montet des Signal, France, 3rd place sr woman

6. 7-8 February, TSF Millet, France, 2 day, 5th place

7. 17 February, La Verte Envers, France, 1st place sr woman

8. 21 February, Challenge Run & Skate, 1st place team women

9. 8 march, l’Integral du Rogneux, Swiss team Champs, 7th

10. 12-15 March, Pierra Menta, France, Team World Cup, 4 day, 7th WC div.- also – Miss Pierra Menta

11. 28 March, Dachstein Extreme, Austria, Ind World Cup, 10th Sr WC div

12. 2-5 April, Tour du Rutor, Italy, Team World Cup, 3 day stage, 7th WC div

13. 11 April, Cols et Cimes, France, 1st place woman

14. 2 may, Trofeo Mezzalama, Italy, high altitude team of 3 (to be confirmed)

Ranked 13th for World Cup 2009 Season- International Ski Mountaineering Federation

A very special thanks to my USA teammate Lyndsay Meyer of bravabella.com-without you we would not have had the all the fun & smiles!