Sport is a part of my life; it fuels my soul and creativity as a mother, educator, and artist. 

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It keeps me in balance to do the best I can in my daily personal and professional life.

As a working mom and athlete I know just how difficult it is to make healthy choices for one’s self and family. I am dedicated to supporting and inspiring individuals to follow their dreams in sport & health with grace. This website has evolved over the years just as we do as individuals. It is a portfolio of my years as a high-level professional athlete in ski mountaineering, and trail running. It is a place to share stories as a coach, an educator, and an artist and athlete. In our current world, this is a place to spread joy, share things that are important to me and help influence the world to be a better place. I hope to share my journey with you.  Thank you for stopping by.


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Latest News!

MINER WOMAN CHALLENGE! When Pete Stoughton, Park City Running Company Ambassador, Director of Trail and Ultra Running TAUR  and local volunteer coordinator of the North Face Trail Running Event asked me if I wanted to participate in the Miner Man Challenge, I first thought, “no way!” Miner Man Challenge =  Complete all the Park City Races on Trails in 2017: This includes both mountain biking and trail running and is a total of 22 events, the shortest being a 5km run and the longest being a 50 mile run and a 75 mile bike. Whew!  Read on…about the challenge!     



PARK CITY POINT TO POINT! Have you ever ride 75 miles? This is going to be a real a real Challenge for me!  Here’s a description of the race: The course is a true point 2 point. Thanks to the plethora of trails, you will never be on the same trail twice. You will be riding singletrack for over 90% of the race (that’s a lot of 1-track) and the total distance is 75 miles with around 12,000′+- of climbing, all while traveling through two of the country’s premier mountain resorts. It will challenge your mental prowess, yet it will have you grinning from ear to ear. #RACELOCAL #CHOOSEYOURCHALLENGE #MINERWOMAN #PARKCITY #GROWMTBIKE 

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