Mid Week Mountain Bike Series Round Valley


When Pete Stoughton, Park City Running Company Ambassador, Director of Trail and Ultra Running TAUR  and local volunteer coordinator of the North Face Trail Running Event asked me if I wanted to participate in the Miner Man Challenge, I first thought, “no way!”

Miner Man Challenge =  Complete all the Park City Races on Trails in 2017: This includes both mountain biking and trail running and is a total of 22 events, the shortest being a 5km run and the longest being a 50 mile run and a 75 mile bike. Whew! 


 Then, I thought ” let me sleep on it.” It peaked my interest more, and eventually, I was up for the challenge….for a number of reasons.


Here’s why: 


Race my way back into shape
  • Since retiring from the World Cup Ski Mountaineering circuit in 2013, after winning two World Cup Gold Medals and a Silver at World Champs,  I am by no means in the same shape that I was 4 years ago.  I am adjusting to work life balance, as all of us strive to do, balancing demands of a growing family and profession. 




    Go the Extra Mile! It’s Never Crowded! 

    Sprint to the Summit. Credit- PC RUNNING CO


  •  Honestly, it actually felt good to take a break from very specific  and high hours of weekly training. It was both body and mind that needed that break. Priorities are different now:  I have focused much energy on my career as an educator #fifthgraderocks, which I absolutely am loving and my own family, boys now 11 and 13. 


    Race Local


  •  When I raced around the world on the  world cup circuit, I always thought it was an amazing way to get to know an area and the people. In fact that is what I loved most about it, getting to know people and the community of racers. I feel so lucky to have opportunities to travel and race in Norway, Spain, Andorra, Sicily, Japan, and other hidden Gems of the Alps.


  •  When I travel, I try to find a race or hit the trails, and get to know the locals. This help broaden my own understanding of other people and cultures, something that everyone should do. This summer, I made a commitment to stay local and race local. I drive less and support local events.  We have so many amazing races put on in Park City. This is a perfect chance to take advantage of them and make a commitment to where I live. 

Round Valley Rambler

Meet New Faces, Explore New Places

  • Moving to a new area, especially Park City, can take time to break into a community. I always say it takes 3 years to really have a place feel like home. It’s been about 2 for me here and it’s starting to feel like home. 

    Park City Running Company & Mountain Trails Recon of Round Valley Rambler

Choose a Challenge

  • For me, mountain biking has been a goal this summer.
  • I want to improve my skills on the bike and become a stronger rider and better coach. I encourage others to try a new challenge! 

It never get’s easier. You just get better! 


Encourage & Inspire Others to get out on the Trails. 

  • Being in the mountains and on the trails brings energy! We live in a beautiful place, Park City. I want to learn all the trails around here and be an ambassador for these trails 

Discovering new trails!

  • So if you have never been to Park City, come on and check it out! If you live here and have not discovered some of these amazing trails or events, check them out! 

  • What is the Miner Man (MinerWoman Challenge in my case) ? 

  • To complete all the trail races, running and mountain biking, in Park City in 2017.
  • The list of 22 races are below.
  • Pete and I  started this challenge end of May and it will finish up end of September.

The list of 22 races are below. Pete and I  started this challenge end of May and it will finish up end of September.



Here is how I am doing so far in the challenge. 



Here is the list of Races



  1. May 23 – MidWeek MTB – Round Valley (11.5 miles) BIKE    


    May 24th – Wasatch Trail Run Series – Olympic Park – 6:30pm (7.5m) RUN 

  3. June 6th – Midweek MTB – Round Valley  (10 miles) BIKE 
  4. June 10th – PC Trail Series 5km  RUN
  5. June 10th  Mt Miles BR 5.5 miler RUN 
  6. June 11th – Sprint to the Summit (7miler summit park) RUN
  7. June 17th – MTN Trails – Round Valley Rambler (21km 1/2 marathon)  RUN
  8. June 20th – Midweek MTB – DV  14KM  BIKE
  9. June 24th – Discrete Peak DV race – 1pm RUN 
  10. July 8th – PC Trail Series 10k RUN
  11. July 12th – Wasatch Trail Run Series – Olympic Park – 6:30pm (8-10K) RUN
  12. July 18th – Midweek MTB – DV (8 miles) BIKE 
  13. July 22- Mt Miles 9 miler RUN (PIE AND BEER RUN)
  14. July 29th – MTN Trails – Jupiter Peak Steeple Chase (16 miles) RUN 
  15. Aug 12th – PC Trail Series 15k  RUN 
  16. Aug 19th – MTN Trails – Mid Mtn Marathon (26m) RUN
  17. Sept 2nd – P2P MTN BIKE race (75miles mt bike) BIKE 
  18. Sept 9- Mt. Miles 28km Flying Dog RUN
  19. Sept 10th – MTN Trails – Tour Des Suds (7miles up) BIKE 
  20. Sept 16th – PC Trail Series 13.1miles RUN 
  21. Sept 23rd – TNF UT 50 miler (50 Miles) RUN (lots of options for races)
  22. On  own – Double Mid Mtn  (Bike/ run entire 30 miles / 60 total) RUN/ BIKE 

*If you can’t be there for the day of the event, then you can do the course (Strava) one week before or after. 

Race #7. Only 15 more to go!

I would like to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT  to the following supporters in this challenge! Their support is essential in this journey! 


Adidas Terrex #LIVEWITHOUTLIMITES, Ultimate Direction Hydration packs #EXPAND YOUR BOUNDRIES! 


Join me in this Journey!


There is still time to train, and register for the remaining events!  GOAL ON!