Sport is a part of my life; it fuels my soul and keeps me in balance.

Thanks for checking out my website!

Thanks for checking out my website!

Training & racing is a lifelong pursuit that keeps me motivated, young at heart and fully engaged in the rest of my life. 

As a working mom and athlete I know just how difficult it is to make healthy choices for one’s self and family. I am dedicated to supporting and inspiring individuals to follow their dreams in sport & health with grace.

I hope to share with you some of the things I love and am passionate about, as well as keep you up to date with recent races and other news!

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In the News…

Race Report: August 1st, Tushars Sky Running Marathon

What a great experience to share together. All smiles after the race. What an accomplishment by B

What a great experience to share together. All smiles after the race. What an accomplishment by B

The Tushar mountain range is a hidden treasure of 12,000ft peaks not far from Bryce Canyon.  This is one of the most challenging courses in the “Grand Circle Trail Series”. Runners will summit peaks and run ridgelines among a thriving mountain goat herd then drop down singletrack into vast, glaciated valleys spattered with abandoned mining ruins from the wild west. The race starts and finishes at Eagle Point Ski Resort at an elevation of over 10,000ft.  These conditions made it a perfect fit for the 2015 Sky Runner Series!

COVER ERM_JanFeb14_Cover_Page_01

Nina Silitch Cover of Endurance Racing Magazine

Nina Silitch,  female endurance athlete, cover of Endurance Sports Magazine’s Winter 2014 issue. Check out Nina Silitch’s Presentation on Ski Mountaineering & how it Connects with Life Skills 




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