Grindelwald Race march 11

I started getting into ski mountaineering racing 2 years ago when I started to do some night uphill race series in Switzerland. I did one longer race with a friend Tracey Wright, the Trophy de Gastolsen in Switzerland. Conditions were gnarly. Wind, cold, snow and tough skiing w/ fixed lines to lower down couloirs. It was intense and invigorating at the same time. I really was getting hooked on the sport. That same winter, winter 2005, I did the haute route with Michael and a group of Sugarloafers from Maine one of whom was my dad. I definitely had the ski mountaineering bug and had my sights to continue with it in 2007. I did not ski mountaineering in 2006 because my second son, Anders, was born in February.

See michael’s website for more information on ski touring trips in the Alps

This winter, 2007, I have managed to get back into it. We are now living in Chamonix, a playground from ski touring and in an ideal spot to travel to races in Switzerland, Italy and France.

This winter my Moms in Motion cross country team did not take off but we have a Moms in Motion Ski Mountaineering Team officially called the Chamonix– Colorado Gals. Lyndsay Meyer and Nina Silitch make up the team. So far we have competed in 7 races. As far as we know we are the only Americans, only American women no less, who are taking a shot and competing at these races over here. The Alps is the heart of ski mountaineering and the athletes over here are world class. It is clear that they have been doing this sport for years and it is very inspiring competing with them. The cool thing is that many of the top racers are older- in their late 30’s and 40’s.

I know that I am the only mom with children age 1 and 3 who is managing to compete at these races over here. I must say that it is not easy to find the time to train. I have to fit it in when I can. Much of my training consists of running w/ my 2 kids in the jogging stroller- chariot carrier which has been a lifesaver. I manage to get out for a ski tour 1 x a week or just and uphill climb.

Team Colorado- Chamonix Gals. Lyndsay Meyer, of Apsen, Colorado has just moved to Chamonix to study french and get into the sport of ski mountaineering. We have had a blast learning about the sport together. For more information check out
This sport is new in the US but is great to see it taking off. The US ski mountaineering Association has been formed. We have our sites set on 2 big races coming up.

The trophy de Muveron in Switzerland the Swiss Ski Marathon We are also looking seriously at the Trophy du Mezalama in Italy, one of the highest altitude ski mountaineering races in the world.

We are looking for sponsorship to cover the costs of the races (entry, travel and lodging) as well as equipment. We would like to donate 1/2 of the money that we have raised to cancer research- breast and ovarian cancer. If you are interested in learning more about our team or you are interested in Sponsoring us please contact me at:

Chamrousse Race

Randonordic Racing 2007