The New Year is upon us, the ski season and the flu season is soon upon us too.
What better way to bring in the year with a commitment to your health.
Check out VIBE – a fantastic vitamin and mineral supplement
I found out about Vibe through top level Nordic ski coach Torbjorn Karlson, a who is a coach on many high level athletes including olympian Becky Scott. -Thank you to Tb for introducing Vibe to me.
Vibe is for any age and any person – athlete or not, young or old.

Getting started on VIBE might be the smartest decision you make in 2009.

With Vibe you can:

Improve your health, increase your energy, reduce your number of sick-days, help fight cancer producing cells and heart disease, reduce muscle soreness, reduce recovery time after training and greatly improve your race-results (for athletes)

Why is VIBE different than the supplements you have in your cabinet?

VIBE is designed with a brand new technology (pioneered by Dr. Benjamin Baechler and the Eniva R&D team) that shatters minerals into a size smaller than a blood cell. This predigested liquid, “VIBE”, promotes rapid absorption by allowing minerals to pass directly into the blood cells. This makes VIBE 99% absorbable in less than 3 minutes. Pills, powders and tablets are only absorbed at 3-10%. VIBE is listed in the 2008 PDR (Physicians’ Desk Reference) as having the highest certified Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) rating of all products tested.

The amount of necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in VIBE are in a class by itself. There is simply nothing like it. The concentrated power of one ounce of VIBE is equivalent to the nutrients found in: 13 tomatoes, 30 broccoli, 35 cherries, 2.5 cups of green tea, 71 cantaloupes, 10 cups of green beans, 13 wheat slices, certified organic aloe vera gel, 12 orange slices and 25 asparagus!!! And it tastes good.


I have read about, researched, and now take this vitamin and mineral supplement every day because I am a real believer in the power of this product for improving not only athletic performance and recovery but also, most importantly, for my health in general and my family’s health. I’m talking about anti-aging, heart-health, immune-health and cellular-health. Cancer and heart disease are taking the world by storm and why not do everything we can to live a long and healthy life.
As you know I am committed to helping find a cure for cancer.

The cure starts with prevention.

Don’t let the cost of this product scare you! At $1.56 per dose (take VIBE once or twice daily), it’s a very small investment in what should have the highest priority – your energy, immune system, and overall health! That is a lot less that a cup of Startbucks a day and a lot better for you.

This latest research that was picked up by several thousand news-agencies only further strengthens my belief in VIBE: Eniva VIBE® Nutraceutical Tested at Linus Pauling Institute and Found to Possess DNA Protective Properties see:
“The Eniva Research Group has released results from laboratory testing by the world-famous Linus Pauling Institute, CCP Core facility, at Oregon State University which demonstrated the Eniva Health Supplement VIBE® possessed DNA protective anti-mutagenic activity for human cells.This third party testing was performed as part of an ongoing investigative effort to further identify mechanisms by which the Eniva VIBE nutraceutical impacts human health….”

Income Potential
Eniva not only has the most phenomenal nutritional (nutraceutical) products in the world, but a marketing plan that is simply amazing. If you are looking for additional income, get involved now.

To place orders, read more about VIBE or the company behind Eniva go to be sure to include my form 423851 or
if you want my personal help in choosing products or to place an order, email me at

Here is to Healthy Happy Holidays and a Healthy Happy New Year.