Be sure to Check out the Saddleback Maine Mountain Challenge!

It should be a super fun event for all! I can’t make the overseas journey for the event but if you are not too far away be sure to check it out. Rangeley Lakes Maine has got to be one of the most beautiful spots in Maine and the views from the top of “The Back” are stunning. You can’t miss the best fire place around either to warm up after the race- It is also a great place to bring the family to ski too!

Saddleback Mountain Challenge
February 28th 2009
In the beginning of skiing there were no lifts. A few hardy souls would attach animal pelts to the bottom of their skis to provide backward grip but allow forward glide. They would then climb to where they wished to ski, remove the “skins”, and descend.
Today, those hardy souls are called ski mountaineers. The animal pelts have been replaced by synthetics, the leather boots with plastic, and the wooden skis with space age materials. The idea, however, is the same. There is a special satisfaction in accessing ski terrain by your own effort and determination.
The Saddleback Mountain Challenge taps into that same sentiment. This promises to be a unique experience either as competition with other mountaineers or just for the accomplishment itself.

For the winners, in both the men’s and women’s division, there is a season’s pass at Saddleback. For all participants, there is a commemorative t-shirt and spaghetti dinner and celebration.

Registration for this event will be on the 28th, from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. No lift pass is required to enter the race, but there is a $25 registration fee. All competitors must have ski mountaineering equipment deemed appropriate by race officials. Racers are not allowed to discard any equipment on route. It is recommended that interested participants scout the route prior to the event, not the day of the event. Saddleback Mountain welcome ski mountaineers, but ask that anyone climbing the mountain check in with Mt. Operations for safety reasons.


Randonee and Telemark
Competitors must have appropriate ski mountaineering gear
Aproximately seven miles
1800′ verticle gain
Includes green, blue, black and double black terrain
Marathon start
Start time 2:30
Men’s and Women’s divisions
Gold, silver and bronze prizes
Dinner and celebration
$25 registration fee
No lift pass required to race