Nina Silitch: World Cup Athlete
and member of USA National Ski Mountaineering Team

Always a sports enthusiast, I fell in love with ski mountaineering 5 years ago after my first Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route with my husband of High-Alpine Mountain Guides. Ski mountaineering or ski alpinisme as we call it in the Alps combines all the things I love about the mountains: passion for endurance, tenacity of technical climbing, and the intensity of the downhill run off-piste

2010 marks an important year for me as it is the year of the Ski Mountaineering World Championships in Andorra where I will represent the United States. It is also marks my 3rd year as a member of the US national team and the 2nd season competing on the World Cup circuit in Europe.

I feel very fortunate to be able to train, travel and race this high level of competition. My biggest fans, my husband and my 2 young boys see the value in following a dream. I hope to also empower confidence in women and show them how much they have to gain from sport and a healthy, active lifestyle.

Though many teams and athletes are subsidized financially, I am not and am responsible for costs of race entries, travel and equipment.

Please help me reach the finish line!

Sponsorship Options

Below you will find various peak possibilities for sponsorship. If you come to visit us in the Alps, I will be sure to point out these magical summits.

If you have a company logo I would be honored to represent it on my website. For larger sponsorships, a logo can be placed on the race suit at the cost of printing.

Club Aiguille du Midi $0-$100

Club Les Drus $150-$300

Club Mt Blanc $350-$500

Club Haute Route $1000 -$5000

Club ALPS $5000 and more

Send checks to:

Nina Silitch

270 Chemin de la Deviaz

74400 Chamonix-Mt Blanc FRANCE


pay hassle free and safely online with PayPal

Thank you kindly for your interest and support!

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