A Favorite Spot!

One of the many great things about living in Chamonix is the proximity to Italy and France and the chance to get a taste of another culture in just minutes. Whether it is through food, wine, cheese, chocolate, on or off  the slopes and trails or just  pure sunshine. We certainly take advantage of this opportunity. Mt Dolant is a nearby peak with its summit in the 3 countries. This our local ski race has teamed up with a Swiss Race and an Italian Race- forming a triology of races: The Mt Blanc Ski Race:This is just a symbol of the harmonious international flair living here is all about. Here are a few photos of my recent travels and trainings in the Mt Blanc countryside.


One of the best times to go skiing is when the areas are closed. La Tour is a great early season training ground as it does not open til the holiday vacation. The Grand Montets and Flegere as well, before it opens. Here are some shots from the early tours around Chamonix.

La Flegere

Making turns at the GM!

Not a bad view


Mom and Dad in Val Ferret

Beautiful Val Ferret

It is not everywhere in the world where on can travel through the tunnel of Mt Blanc from Chamonix to the Italy and in less than 20 minutes be skiing in the beautiful valley of Val Ferret. Often when the weather is not so good in Chamonix, there is often plenty of sunshine and snow in Val Ferret. I love skiing here, or hiking or running here, as it really is much more wild than the Chamonix Valley, even though it is just on the other side of the Valley Blanche. My parents came for a visit and we all profited from the new snow and sunshine.

Back on the skate skiis

I love x country skiing!


Getting over the pass to Switzerland in the Storm!

Just a day or two later another storm hit and we headed to our old stomping grounds, Villars sur Ollon. Villars is one of the most beautiful places, with an open feeling and plenty of sunshine. A nice escape from the steep valley of Chamonix in December. It was fun to remember when I had my first taste of ski alpinisme here in Villars.

my old stomping grounds....

Working on the flats in the sunshine!

An evening skin with the Alpenglow