Final World Cup in Zakopane

Poster for Final World Cup

The last world cup of the season was in Zakopane, Poland home of the ski jumping world cup and gateway to the Tatra’s Mountains. Unfortunately due to the weather, we never really saw the mountains but they sure do look beautiful in the photos.

Tatra Mountain Panorama

Even though we could not due the planned course, the organizers did an exceptional job creating a descent course with the conditions we had.

Walking to the Start

A glimpse of the Tatras on race day

Pre-race moment studying the course

Happy to be finished!

It was one of the best organized races I have been to and the enthusiasm for ski mountaineering was also impressive.

Post Race Food- homemade healthy cookies! A nice change from the normal stuff!

Congrats to Michael for his Podium! 1st place Master Division

We also enjoyed seeing and experiencing the culture of Zakopane. In my mind, one of the best way to see another country is to go to a race and experience the culture through meeting the locals.

Pre race ski with Claudia of Zakopane

Traditional Transport

Traditional Tatra Mountain Home

Zakopane Hotel for the World Cup Athletes