For me summertime is about hitting the trails, enjoying the mountains and spending time with my family.


The Matterhorn in Swiss Colors

We had a chance to visit Zermatt en famille and hit the trails together.

Zermatt en Famille

At the top of the Shwartzee with the boys

Hitting the trails with my lil' guy- who loves the downhills like me!


In July, I  had a chance to travel home with my boys to visit my family in Maine.  There, I hit the famous Appalachian Trail, and ran the Bigalow Range- 30km of the range crossing over 4 peaks.

Appalachian Trail view of Bigalow Range

Nina on the Appalachian Trail -Flagstaff Lake in the background

I was quite happy to return back to the pond for a swim!

Maine Traquility

Trying out a new sport (paddle board) with my 5 year old

In Maine, I had a chance to do some cross training with my boys.

Doing a little water-skiing (my 1 x a year fix)

Anders trying a new sport


Quintessential Maine Coast

Not only did I spend some time in the mountains, but also tried to move some mountains. I mean mountains of accumulated things, stuff we don’t need.  Moving to a new location can be both overwhelming and freeing at the same time. It really is amazing what one can collect over a number of years, and I guess I am kind of a pack rat when it comes to things. Race t-shirts, numbers….etc. Moves can add stress to your life, but can also open new windows and bring new light.

Next post I write I will be done with the move, my biggest goal this summer.

My next training goal is the Sierre Zinal, a classic Swiss mountain trail race of 31km,  Sunday, August 14th,  I will  hit the trails in Swiss, Valais and let off some steam from packing moving.


Thanks for reading ! Enjoy your time on the trails!