The first breath of autumn comes in a cool, crisp morning, a pink down jacket , a fresh dusting of snow in the hills, golden hued larch trees, and sugar maples with a touch of red.

Autumn Breath

Seasons tell their own story. They give a quiet sense of rhythm, a cadence to change, keeping us on track. Stories create connections and community in our everlasting web.

Aletch Glacier telling it's story

Just recently  Wild Roses and a few ambassadors, teamed up near the  Aletch Glacier, with two amazing storytellers, professional mountain photographers Dan and Janine Pattituti. The Aletch Glacier, part of the Jungfrau-Aletch World Heritage property, is one of the most majestical spots in the Alps and certainly made for an amazing backdrop for some amazing stories.

Reading Stories

Stories are a part of everyones lives. We listen to stories, we read stories, we tell stories.  My two boys still love listening to us tell a story before falling asleep.

Sharing Stories

If I had a recorder for every different bedtime story I have told over the past 5 years, I just might send them off to the publishing house, and perhaps, like J.K. Rowling, my story could evolve into a time-lasting classic (that rocked the boxoffice).

None the less, everyones story, is just that, a time lasting classic, that will continue on and on just as the Aletch Glacier will continue to tell it’s own story for many more years to come.

Rainbow of Dreams

 Enjoy your story, the change of season and your next chapter.

Waiting for Morning

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