The outdoor playground

” Mommy, I just want to stay outside the whole time we are here!” These were the words of my 7 year old as we arrived to the hotel on holiday.


Anders enjoying this outdoor playground

“I have never met two boys who are not only active but want to be outside all the time. Most boys these days want to just stay inside and play video games.” These were the words of a young friend who helps out with the boys from time to time.

Anders first hike at the Plan Midi

These were refreshing words to hear. Sure, it is no picnic raising children, and there is never really a dull moment or minute for that matter as parents, especially with two active young boys. One thing for sure is that  it is an active adventure, and most certainly one that I would never miss for a minute.


Below are a few photos from our autumn outdoor adventures around Chamonix. 


Cross-Ecoliers, an all inclusive, all schools event that brings together students, teachers and parents.

The All School Cross Country Race-Birki at his first Cross/ trail race pushed his stride to the end for a podium

Making Tarte aux Pommes with friends

Outdoor Cooking Class

Playing cards outdoors



by Laurence Alma-Tadema

In summer I am very glad

We children are so small,

For we can see a thousand things

That men can’t see at all.

 They don’t know much about the moss

And all the stones they pass:

They never lie and play among

The forests in the grass:

 They walk about a long way off; 

And, when we’re at the sea,

Let father stoop as best he can

He can’t find things like me.

 But, when the snow is on the ground

And all the puddles freeze,

I wish that I were very tall,

High up above the trees.

Anders at point Signal

Each day I wake up and make the most of this amazing outdoor playground we live in.  I am so glad to share it with our boys and see them enjoy this amazing playground as much as we do!

Enjoying the last of the autumn light

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