I am writing this post on the heals of Thanksgiving day, with much to be thankful for. Buzzwords around Thanksgiving are plentiful.

Gratitude is a continuous creative activity

One I like in particular is to practice gratitude in each and every moment  and sharing this practice with out children. When coming to the yoga mat, it’s easy to take the time to be grateful and be in the moment, but taking this practice to our daily lives, the real moment is the next step. There is a great Jimmy Buffet song called 05 An Attitude of Gratitude  on a children’s album called Thanks and Giving all Year Long.  Christine Carter, a colleague of mine from Dartmouth and head of UC Berkley’s Greater Good Science Center has a wonderful website and book called Raising Happiness. I feel very grateful for discovering her work and reading her book. Much to be mused upon.


Even though we are not living in America, we celebrated Thanksgiving in our own way, with friends from near and far.  This year my children joined me in helping me  whip up a Thanksgiving meal in a couple hours, with the few ingredients I could find overseas.

Chief Puree-er

One was chief peeler of the sweet potatoes and the other chief puree-er! Even though they were not wild about the meal itself and preferred the left over tortolinis, it was the process that was most precious and that I was most thankful for.

No snow yet in Chamonix, in fact it is bone dry and quite chilly. We are all in fact looking for snow in the horizon!

The boys doing their own dry-land training in the back yard

It is pretty essential to get on skis to work on the ski technique. At Dartmouth we spend most of our autumn training on roller skis. To this day, I can’t believe some of the hills we skied down without brakes!

Looking for snow! A roller ski tecnnique workout in Chamonix

It’s hard to believe but I did managed to get on my bike one more time to my favorite ride.

Once I got climbing it was quite warm, only the descent was frosty and  was well worthy of a nice cup of Swiss Suchard Express hot cocoa to warm up!

Staying warm in the chilly temps on the bike up to Emosson Dam

It is hard to believe the first race on the ski mo calendar is less than a week! No snow yet in the forecast but soon enough heading to find some snow! Stay tuned! And let’s start to do the snow dance!

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