Spring flowers burst through the Snow

The ski mountaineering season is long with the first races beginning in December and the final race, the Patrouille des Glaciers the last weekend of April. Every athlete has their own ways to keep their motivation high throughout the season.  The hubbub of daily life: family, work, combined with travelling and racing can take it’s toll. It is important to be able to recognize what one needs to keep fresh.

Sunshine across the VB

Here in the Alps, the days are getting longer, the sun is peaking over the Chamonix Aiguilles earlier than the midst of winter and we have had fleeting moments of spring, which gives everyone a fresh, new energy.

Happy to be in the Mountains

For me, a few good days in the mountains is often all it takes to keep the energy going. Here are a few tours I have done to give me a smile, new spring energy and doing what I love.

Brèche Puiseux : Traversée W > E par les glaciers des Périades et du Mont Mallet This was my first time doing this magnificent tour!

View of Bresche Puiseux Route

Couloir up to the Bresche

Top of the Couloir


Looking over to the Col des Droites


Col des Droites: Versant S This was a great one to have done, all in good company too.


View of the Col des Droites and other routes in the Glacier Talefre


Cool cloud cover on the moraine looking back to Mt Blanc


MIsha coming up the s. face col des droits

Almost to the top of the Col


Turned out to be a nice day after all!


And now the count down begins for the….The Pierra Menta….next week! Four days of real ski mountaineering racing! The Tour de France of Ski mountaineering at it’s best.