New Directions

New Directions

This fall in New Hampshire I have found myself in the warrior pose quite often, The weekend warrior that is, and not the yoga warrior pose (though I wish I was in it more) As a weekend warrior I am  looking for new places to discover and new trails to run. Durga, the hindu Goddess of Victory, has been in my mind a lot, but the victories are not what one would think, in competition, but daily life. For me much of my day is about finding little victories in each hour.

I did have a few running victories this fall too in the races I entered, but for me the real victory is yet to come. And mostly the victory for me in those races was getting out and appreciating running.

2013 Fall Trail Races: 

1st Place- Pisgah 23k Trail-

1st place- Squam Ridge Run 21 km Trail

1st Place- Pinnacle Ultra Challenge 1/2 Marathon

3rd place woman, 1st age group – Mt Toby 14 mile trail


Squam lake Ridge Run 23k Trail. 1st female. 5th overall

Squam lake Ridge Run 23k Trail. 1st female. 5th overall

Needless to say, my love of racing and running and pushing myself is still there…pushing to the edge of the limit. Just like in the sprint races, where breathing in the transition is the key, breathing long breaths in this transition is even more important.




Thank you Hammer Nutrition, CamelBak & Hoka One One!

And some old places that I love to visit with my family. Mt Moosilauke


Sunrise on Mt Moosilauke an Ol Familiar summit

IMG_0629 IMG_0698 IMG_0694 IMG_0756 IMG_0902

AT the Top

Enjoying a Family Hike up Moosilauke



A great training Center: Dartmouth Ski Team: Moosilauke Lodge

The Top of Vt Hill Climb was a big push: Birken did amazing, as the youngest to push to the top winning his age group. Michael Mt Biked up and I made my way up the 4.5 miles of paved access road, not my favorite racing conditions.

Image 16

Birki making a final push in the Top of Vermont Hill Climb (1st in his age group)

The Pinnacle Challenge pushed my legs and heart to a personal PR in the half marathon distance on trail. 1h32. The best was the finishing prize, pure NH maple syrup.

Image 24

The Pinnacle Ultra 1/2 Marathon: 1st female. Personal PR of 1h32 & top 10 overall

Having Mt Monadnock a km away has been fun as a family and a good training ground.

Image 21

Anders Climbing Mt Monadnock

The boys discovered Kingdom trail mt biking with Michael. A boys weekend in Vermont.

Image 22

The boys riding in Kingdom Trails, Burke Mt, Vermont

The fall colors are certainly what I have missed the past 18 years of being away from New England. They sure have been amazing this year!

Image 23

Fall Colors around Dublin Lake

Running at Oak Hill, my old training ground for a 7mile run this summer was fun. It’s been years since I have been back to Dartmouth. Some things never change.

Image 11

Winning some Bread after the Stors Pond Trail race- Age group Win! Finally a bread winner again!

The Harvest Moon is a time of transition. I rallied and even tried to recute a few to join me, with no luck, for an ascent of Mt Monadnock to watch the harvest moon set and the sun rise. The Pompelly Trail was riddled with roots and rocks but well worth the early wake up!


Harvest Moon and Sunrise from Mt Monadnock


IMG_1342 IMG_1523 IMG_1724 IMG_0629 IMG_1245 The yoga instructor’s words echo in the back of the room..“find your edge.” Translation: get yourself so deep into a pose that it’s a place of discomfort, then hang out. As an an endurance athlete, we  definately felt this edge many times and push up to it and beyond. Often we crave that and wonder what the edge is and how far out of discomfort you can push.


Durga: Goddess of Victory

I am at a new edge, trying to find the balance in a new pose. New country, new job, new beginnings. Finding the balance in this new pose.  Durga, the Hindu Goddess of Victory is one that I find connections with. She has many arms….all these growing out from the warrior pose.


It comes back to the warrior pose

Halloween is just around the corner. My boys are going to be stealth ninjas. Maybe I will be Durga, or just Superwoman. I really wish I had as many arms as Durga, and had the superpowers of Super Woman. Until I harness those superpowers, I will  stick to adding super foods to my family’s smoothies and pancakes and keep searching for the little victories in each day!SuperFoods-Superman-Logo-UPDATED


 Happy Halloween!