Three years ago today, February 14th, 2013, on Valentine’s Day, I made history.  I won a silver medal  for the US team at the World Championships for ski mountaineering in Pelvoux, France.

1st North American to Medal in a World Championships! A big thanks to Hammer Nutrition & helping Nina put the HAMMER down in the sprints!

1st North American to Medal in a World Championship Ski Mo February 14, 2012

This was the first World Championship  medal for any North American in the sport.  Just one year earlier, I won the first gold medal for North America in World Cup Ski mountaineering. After World Championships in 2013, I was finding my groove and won a second gold medal in the sport just two months later.

Find your Gold

Find your Gold: DoTerra Essential Oil. MOTIVATE


Surely,  I attribute much of my success to hours of hard work in training, tremendous support from my husband and family as well as my coaches. I worked closely in my own mental coaching and visualization.  There is one behind the scenes ingredient that I attribute  a large part of my success to and that is essential oils. I used them through my own mental coaching and visualization, as well as in my pre-race preparation in massage and post recovery. Essential Oils helped me achieve  win two gold medals in the World Cup and one silver medal at World Championships. Essential Oils helped me reach my dreams.

The Womens Sprint Podium Flower Ceremony Gold- Nina SIlitch USA Silver- Emelie Gex Fabrey CH- Bronze Mirielle Richard CH

The Womens Sprint Podium Flower Ceremony Gold- Nina Silitch: DoTerra Essential Oil: BREATHE



Striding to gold with clarity : DoTerra essential oil: INTUNE to promote mental clarity and focus

To this day essential oils are an integral part of my life. I absolutely love DoTerra Essential Oils: their  testing standards are stricter than organic and they smell simply AMAZING.


Here are just a few ways they are a part of my daily life today: As a teacher, I use them in my own classroom to ward off germs or calm anxiety before a test. As a mom, I use them to calm my own children before bed or create balance in the home. As an athlete, I use them before races for clarity and post races for recovery. The power of scent is SO amazing and connects with our emotions within seconds.

Here are some of my favorite Doterra Oil Blends that I use daily:

Citrus Bliss: Reduces stress, energizes mood

Clary Calm: made for woman to combat heightened emotions and create a calm, cooling effect

Elevation: Helps create positive mood and vitality

In Tune: Enhances and sustains focus and clarity

Motivate: Promotes feelings of confidence and courage

Deep Blue: Soothing and cooling to joints and muscles

On Guard: Wards of germs and enhances immune system

Do you want to feel more balanced and have a stronger sense of clarity? Do you struggle falling asleep at night or suffer from the common cold? Do you want to help your child be more calm and peaceful? Why not give these amazing essential oils a try? It was really these oils that changed my own mindset on life and gave more an extra edge when going for the gold. Why not go for your gold?  What’s holding you back?


Go for your Gold with these amazing essential oils.

There are a few options to get started and purchase these amazing oils! 

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