This year 2007 we started off to celebrate with Birken’s birthday. He turned 3 years old and has been enjoying his time skiing in the yard and some on the slopes, sledding and even biking in, yes, January!

Birken’s b day

We have been spending our time playing inside and out when we can. Michael has been serenading us with his new found guitar playing taking after his dad and brother. Despite the “lack of snow” in the Alps, we all have managed to get out and enjoy the winter snowplayground.

February 2007

We had a wonderful visit with Grammy and Pappy. They came for a short week. We filled it with lots of activities: skiing alpine and cross country, sledding, biking and walking.

Cook visit activities

Skiing the Valley Blanche was a big highlight. And a big achievement for mom! Way to go. We had a bluebird day. And of course the best guide around!

Cook Valley Blanche

And of course playing with Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends.

Anders Birthday

We finished their visit with a birthday celebration for Anders first birthday. It is hard to believe one year has gone by already. Anders is coming into his own, standing on his own 2 feet and taking a stand. He is communicating using his sign language, which he has learned from his good teacher his big brother.