We have a house full of boys who all love to ski.

This week I was lucky to ski with all three boys on 3 separate occasions in this beautiful outdoor playground in which we live.
The French schools went on strike along with the rest of the public services in the nation of France, so Birken (just turned 5) and I went skiing. We had a bluebird day at La Tour and profited from a great lunch at the Cabane d’Alpage.

Anders- (just turned 3)and I had a chance to get out together on another bluebird day. We have had a streak of incredable weather here in the Alps. Unfortunately as I write this the spring rain has arrived.

It is not often that Michael and I get to go out and do a tour together. Some couples do a “date night”- We opted for a “date-tour” and headed up the Col de Passon in the Argentiere Glacier. It had some good elevation gains, a nice boot pack up a couloir and a long descent down a glacier. We had a great bluebird day as you can see from the photos!