Jari Kirkland and Nina at the finish of the teams race.
Almost 4 hrs of effort: 26 km over 2640 meters of climbing. 3 big climbs, the final one with a boot pack up and across a ridge. The weather was variable: at the start cold and windy but as the race went on there were moments of being super hot. The visibility was anywhere from flat light to clear. You never know what you will face in the mountains.

Jari is a professional mountain bike and adventure racer based in Crested Butte, Colorado. It is not always that two people who have never met before can jump into a team race together in a pretty grueling circumstances. Fortunately we made a great team, staying positive, encouraging each other and in the end having a really positive experience. This was both of our first ski mountaineering world championships.

Thanks Jari and best of luck for the upcoming m bike season! She jumps onto her bike on Monday!
Team USA put in a great effort as well in the teams race and today the worlds comes to a close with the Team relays and the closing ceremony.