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The 2010 ski mountaineering season has come to a close. It is the first time I have ever wanted to keep racing when such a long season was over.  I started the season in mid December racing the first world cup in Italy and just finished the last one not long ago. I completed the entire world cup circuit, 5 individual races and 2 team races, finishing 7th overall in the ski mountaineering world cup circuit. For me it is not the final ranking that is important but the entire experience I had  getting there. I am an artist and in art it is not the final result that is the most important but the process in how you get there. So much of this has been a way of life, how to manage and balance it as a mother, a partner, woman and athlete; the experience of competing at this level has been travelling to other countries, getting to know other athletes and sharing and pursuing this dream together with those close to me.

Nina on the Valley Blanche for some end of season sunshine!