Summit Aiguille d'Argentiere (3,901 m)

The Aiguille d’Argentière (3,901 m) is a mountain in the Mt Blanc Massif that is on the border of France and Switzerland. Today I climbed it on skis and foot with my pal Nuno,  of our chamonix ski alpinisme club.  Nuno will join me at the upcoming ski mountaineering world championships where he will represtent his nation of Portugal. It is great to have more and more nations present in this sport, as it has more of a chance to one day become an olympic event.

Panoramic View across the glacier

Racing aside, this is where it all started for me, in the real mountains, and what I love best!  I am super happy to have done this peak, almost 4000 meters. It was my first day up at altitude this season so I definitely felt it. What an amazing backyard playground and training ground we have here in Chamonix.

A little warmer in the sun!

For me, days like this make it so worth it and remind me of all the things I love about being in the mountains, challenging your body and mind physically, bearing the real elements of cold, wind and altitude. We had plenty of that today, mixed with some great turns up high, a little crud in the middle and a good ski out in time to pick up the boys at school!

A few photos from the day!

The Route
Steepest part of glacier de Milieu.

Still climbing up

The Descent
The Route on the Topo

A fantastic day in the mountains!

Here is a little video essay documenting the day.


For more route details if you are thinking of doing this tour …Aiguille d’Argentiere Ski route Glacier du Milieu

This peak today was dedicated to my  little brother, not so little anymore, whom I shared many adventures with in my old backyard. My, not so little any more, bro,  just tied the knot with an amazing woman! They will surely climb many mountains together and share a lifetime of adventures!  I wish them the very best and Raise my glass to them!