If you smile at me, I will understand
‘Cause that is something everybody everywhere does
in the same land.- Crosby, Stills and Nash

Summer Smiles

It seems like the rest of life can take off at an even a faster pace than when the training and racing comes to a full stop. It always take some time to re-adjust.

Keeping up the pace

For me, I caught up with the things that had been put on hold all winter, notably laudry, officework, housework, and catching up with friends.  I have had more time to for my own practice of Yoga, working on the power of the breath and how it can be applied to daily life and sport with grace.

Finding time *

Most importantly I have had even more time with my family and smiling together.

Sourire Ensemble- Birki's class art project won a prize for the Fete de Sourire

For me, celebrating mother’s day with my boys

Happy Mother's Day!

and sharing a gorgeous day in the mountains

Mother's Day together

was just what I needed to jump start into summer!

Grimpée Ruisseau 2011- Birki- 2nd 7km marche/ Nina- 3rd- 15km trail


Please note on June 1st- It snowed in Chamonix!

* Photo credit patitucciphoto