Wild Roses Dream Award featured in German Woman's fitness Mag

We headed into our beat up old VW car and battled rain, traffic, road work and made our way to Germany crossing Lake Contance to the Outdoor Trade Show.

Lake Constance

It would be my first time and about Michael’s 14th time going to the show. I was working at the Wild Roses booth, who notably received an award for the best “new” company award.

Who's this on the poster?

You think running marathons are tough, try hanging out and working and walking around a show all day. You’ll be cooked. I sure was.  But just Believe. That was the moto for the 2012 collection.

Just believe and Dreams Come True

Why do women do sports? 1. Fun 2. Fitness 3. Friends

The above poster shares some photos of ambassadors and all the sports they do as women.

Here are 3 things that the women at Wild Roses think about when designing their product for women.

I returned back to Chamonix, with recovery tights and socks on, and joined my friends on Team Swiss Trail for a new race in Valdisiere called the ICE TRAIL, 32km and a lot of climbing up high.

At the start of the Ice Trail-



The trail headed up to 3400 meters and the weather was unreal…cold, wind, snow, rain. Real mountain temps. I ended up dropping out of this race at mile 22 even though I was in 2nd place, with just 10km to go. I just could not re-warm myself.  It was a fun event none-the-less and great atmosphere with the team. And I learned a lesson to bring more clothes!