A favorite place in my heart

The Hello Goodbye Window is a book I read to my boys when they were younger. I think this title is quite fitting to this view of Mt Blanc in my own life. The best is that we can always say Hello again.

Amazing friends & memories forever in my heart.

Amazing friends & memories forever in my heart.


It has been almost 4 months since I got on a plane and left Chamonix. Our belongings were shipped across the ocean and it took  more than 7 weeks;

Our Container moving across the pond

Our Container moving across the pond

they say it takes much longer for an expat to adjust to being back in the US and I will confirm it takes longer than 4 months.  I never had a chance to write a summer bloom post so here are just a few photos sharing this special place filled with special people close to my heart.


My Ski Family: Chamonix Ski Alpinisme Club



One of my favorites: La Combloranne: 2nd place woman- 1st in my age



Anders favorite! The pump track


My lil racing partner! Birken smokes his age in his first 13km mountain trail race. 1h26 min


Soon he will be faster than me!



Unsure about the next step...UP

Pondering  the next step…UP in new directions and in new places.




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