My 7 year old told me his goal was to be the fastest runner in his class & my 9 year old said he wants to get ready for sprints this winter and be fast like Peter Northug of Norway.  My goal: adjust to this new transition, a lofty one, but I am excited for the winter, trying my hand at the x country races in New England & helping grow the skimo scene here in the States.

Ski Erg & Running

Ski Erg & Running

One fun and great way to fit in a strength training session is to do some circuit training with your family. The boys love it. Blast a fun playlist. This is what we did this sunday afternoon on a gray day in New Hampshire.


SKI CIRCUIT: Good for Alpine, Nordic and Ski MO:  Repeat 1- 2-3 times. 1 min on, 30 sec rest to give time to switch. Be sure to alternate legs, arms, back or core in a series of 3.

  1. Ladder drills

    Ladder drills

    Ladder: Slalom & Skate technique

    Ladder: Slalom & Skate technique

    Russian Twist w/ Medicine Ball

    Russian Twist w/ Medicine Ball






    Bongo Board


Leg Raises on Dip Bar

Leg Raises on Dip Bar


Ski-Circuit Strength. Try to do this 2 times a week: 30-45 min

10 min warmup  & muscles activation on ski erg, bike etc.


1. ladder drills

2. walking lunges

3. push-ups

4. medicine ball russian twists

5. tuck jumps

6. dips

7. Hamstring curls w/ Gym ball

8. Ski Erg

9. single leg squats

10. Plank pose

11. Pull-ups

12. box step ups

13. gym ball crunches

14. Supermans on ball

15. Shoulder pull (not for kids)

16. Bongo board

Add what you want! Make it Fun!

Ski season will be here before you know it! Be sure to get in your strength training this fall so the burning legs will be just a bit less! Aim for 2-3 times a week.


Birki busts a move on the 2nd lap of the Dublin high school Mt Bike race last week


Anders takes a penalty shot, scoring the winning goal in the last soccer game of the season

The most important is to have fun and keep moving, get active with your family!


Blueberries are packed with Anti-oxidents!

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